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Alison and Craig’s Cosmopolitan Wedding – 29 Members Bar, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow wedding photography

For me, the key to great wedding photographs … is a great couple. So much of it comes down to a couple willing to get into their photographs and be involved. Who listen to your guidance, who trust you. Trust is so important. They trust your judgement, they listen. They know you’ve done this before, and they invest in you for being able to do all that.

Alison and Craig were a great couple. They still are, obviously, but they were a great couple to work with on their wedding day. They listened when I told them how much time we needed. They listened when I guided them about group photographs. They took it all on board. The end result? Everything.

Listening meant that we had a longer drinks reception. That meant they had more time to mingle and chat with guests, to enjoy themselves, and Ingeborg (my awesome second photographer) and I weren’t charging around, trying to photograph as many things as we could in a short space of time. It meant we could do what we do best – be as unobtrusive as possible. We didn’t have restricted timings to fit everything in, so we didn’t become those photographers that everyone dreads at a wedding, barking instructions like a drill sergeant because they have to do a lot in a short space of time. The ability to take our time had implications for us too – it meant we could be more creative, have a little more fun with our work, and that ultimately means better photographs. More time to be creative and explore means less tick-box photography. It meant they could have the perfect wedding reception – hang out with their friends, take the photographs without too much interference, and have a collection of images at the end to remember it.

Listening meant we could explore outside with the photographs. We went for walks, we found some amazing locations. And when as a photographer, you lie down in the middle of Glasgow’s Argyle Street, on a hot Saturday afternoon, next to a puddle, and your couple know you well enough not to question you, you can produce something special. Easily one of my favourite wedding photographs. I’ve been looking for the ultimate puddle shot for a long time. I finally felt as if I found it.

Being a great couple, meant that Craig and Alison really understood my style. A lot of their suppliers I’ve worked with before, it was fantastic to work with such a wonderful team of creatives. Alison and Craig worked at curating a group of creative wedding suppliers that would work well together and who’s styles complemented well.

I was sad to learn that for Walnut Wasp, aka David McGinty, this would be their last outing as wedding film makers. I’ve worked with David before, and he’s been wonderful to work alongside. The ideal wedding film maker, in my mind, should have so many of the David’s working traits. In particular his team spirit when it comes to collective creativity. I genuinely believe a lot of wedding photographers will miss him dearly this coming wedding season – he plays nicely with other children. With that in mind, I knew I wanted this final wedding collaboration to be the perfect swansong.

The best part, about a truly amazing couple, is what you can achieve for them as a wedding supplier. If you take all those elements of trust, listening, and believing and investing in what you do, then it’s the best recipe. It means I can really unleash my best work. I can be the best photographer I am. I don’t feel a need to constantly try and convince or explain on the day, there’s sense of arm twisting or a need to talk people into something. It really means you don’t play safe. You go wild. You do things and you push yourself. Safe shots are all well and good, but imagine having photographs that make your heart sing afterwards. Imagine having that from your wedding day and having those as memories. I’m so proud to have worked with Alison and Craig. I loved working for them. I wanted only to give them my best and I’m so glad they gave me that opportunity.

I take the photographs. But everything about this story is down to Alison and Craig.

This wedding was featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings 24 February 2018

Supplier shout outs:

Second photographer Glitter and Twigs
Venue: 29 Glasgow
Dress: Flossy & Dossy
Videographer: Walnut Wasp
Florist: Floral Menagerie
Hair: The Aisle
Makeup: Cat Robertson
Music: Pin up Nights
Cakes: Bakery 47

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