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A warm and sunny Glenapp Castle elopement, Girvan

If you’re looking for some inspiration for an amazing Scottish elopement, then today’s post is just for you.

Sometimes planning a wedding can be tricky, particularly if your family don’t live locally. It’s trickier still if you have family abroad, and it becomes even harder to find a balance when you both have families and friends in different countries.

So it came to be that Emmanuel and Anna decided to have an elopement at Glenapp Castle near Girvan on the southwest coast of Scotland.

Eloping in Scotland is so easy to do. It’s a brilliant option if you’re split between different destinations for your wedding, or if you’re struggling to work out how to find the best compromise when you’ve got family and friends abroad.  And if you don’t live in Scotland, then it’s a great destination to run away and elope! Basically, you can be married just about anywhere. and venues like Glenapp Castle can cater for elopements. There’s also a range of different celebrants in Scotland as well, from interfaith, religious, to registrars and humanists.

I quickly learned why people fall in love with Glenapp Castle. I had  heard stories from other wedding photographers about how beautiful it is and was eager to discover this for myself. As I approached, my radio switched from Radio Scotland to Radio Ulster, and I realised how close this part of Scotland is to Northern Ireland. As I arrived, I was greeted at the door by staff from the castle. Initially I looked to see if there was a “different” carpark,  like so many hotels have tucked away to the side of the building (usually between the swimming pool and the back of the kitchens!). When you go inside, it feels perfect – there’s no signs of dust, or tiredness, no signs of worn out upholstery, it’s clean and beautiful and all the furnishings and decorations feel as if they have been carefully curated.

Anna and Emmanuel decided to get ready together – a sentiment I could understand well.  Today they were marrying their best friend, and wanted to spend all their time together. Anna explained to me that her mum had made her beautiful dress for her. I loved how her dress looked – so pretty and so perfect for the setting.

We walked outside to the pond, Anna and Emmanuel were led by a piper, and stood under the shade of a tree while Anna and Emmanuel exchanged their vows. There were so many wonderful little things about Glenapp Castle, about how they hosted this special elopement with such tenderness and warmth. The witnesses – members of staff from Glenapp Castle – were not dressed in usual uniform but in wedding guest clothes. I thought that made it all the more special and wonderful.

Afterwards we decided to explore the gardens. I have to confess, I still feel I have more beautiful photographic opportunities to discover here. We headed back along the road, and that’s where we met Mark, the estates woodsman. He chatted to us with such enthusiasm for how much he loved the estate, and led us to show us some of it’s hidden gems that he was working on at the time. He knew where the waterfalls were, he knew where there were big redwood trees, he knew exactly where we could find a sea of bluebells, all perfect locations for photography. Anna by this point had taken off her beautiful Rachel Simpson shoes and swapped them for some slip on trainers, before opting to go barefoot through the woods.

Afterwards we headed towards the sea, and explored along the coastline looking out towards Ailsa Craig. From my perspective, Anna and Emmanuel were a joy to work with – they simply enjoyed being together, being married to their best friend, and my role was simple – photograph them exploring throughout the day. No awkward poses, no directions – they found their own direction and followed their hearts.

I had such a wonderful time with Anna and Emmanuel and wish them all the best for their future together, and my gratitude to Glenapp Castle and all their amazing staff for their hospitality.

Venue: Glenapp Castle
Dress: Anna’s mum
Hair and make up by Anna

couple embracing before Glenapp Castle elopement groom on phone before Glenapp Castle elopement brides shoes in Glenapp Castlegrooms buttonhole in Glenapp Castlecouple descending staircase before Glenapp Castle elopement couple talking to registrar regarding Glenapp Castle elopement bride and groom being piped to their Glenapp Castle elopement couple being married at Glenapp Castle elopement couple exchanging wedding rings Glenapp Castle elopement bride giving groom wedding ring in Glenapp Castle elopement couple kissing by the pond Glenapp Castle elopement bride and groom embracing in greenhouse Glenapp Castle elopement bride and groom hugging in greenhouse Glenapp Castle elopement bride and groom by gazebo in Glenapp Castlebride and groom next to waterfall at Glenapp Castlebride leading groom along river bank at Glenapp Castle elopementwedding bouquet from Glenapp Castle elopementbride and groom wandering through woodlandsbride and groom embracing in bluebellsbride and groom embracing in bluebells Glenapp Castle elopement bride and groom walking along woodland pathbride and groom at beach by Glenapp Castle bride and groom walking across beach in Ballantrae black and white backlit photo of couple on beach at Ballantraebride and groom kissing on the beach at Ballantraefootsteps in the sand at beach on Ballantraebride and groom holding hands with Ailsa Craig in distancebride and groom touching headsblack and white photo of bride and groom on beach with Ailsa Craig in distance bride and groom returning by car to Glenapp Castle


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