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SNEAK PEEK: Mairin and Ryan’s Fantastical Engagement shoot, Lake of Menteith, Stirlingshire

Katrina and the Waves won the Eurovision Song Contest. Labour took over power from the Conservative Party. I voted for the first time in a general election (I am that old, yes). Scotland voted for devolution. And children began to discover the story of a young boy who lived under a staircase and had an owl called Hedwig who went on to become the wizarding protagonist of one of the most successful series of books, that created films, merchandise and spanned young imaginations across the globe.

I think the thing I like most about Harry Potter (whether or not you’re a fan), is the impact the series of books has had on children and reading. I honestly can’t think of many books which have inspired children (and children at heart!) to queue up to read the latest installment. While I’m sure J.K. Rowling may not always appreciate being a celebrity, it’s positive to see someone still being celebrated for writing and intelligence, rather finding fame through being coerced into having their body objectified.

And so this takes us to the engagement photography session I photographed with Mairin and Ryan, who happen to be Harry Potter fans. They came armed with wands, books, and imagination. And so the giggles commenced. I think when you have something in common, whether a book series you love and enjoy, a love of reading, then it’s great if you want to incorporate it into your engagement session. Props can sometimes lead to interesting images, and offer an alternative creativity through photographs.

I don’t think I can imagine any other series of books which has inspired an engagement session quite like this. There’s something special about getting a bit of magic into an engagement session.

couple standing in a doorwayHarry potter wands, engagement ring and bookscouple reading on a bench under a treecouple smiling, sitting on a benchcouple sitting on tree roots readingblack and white photograph of a couple kissingcouple pointing Harry Potter wands at each othercouple posing with booksphotograph of feet, Harry Potter wands and books. black and white image of a couple kissingcouple standing by a lake in woodlandcouple kissing by a wall


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