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Rainy Day Kelvingrove Engagement Session – Jen and Stuart

When I talk to couples, I always tell them that it can rain on any day of the year. I’ve photographed weddings in November when the weather was warm and dry; I’ve photographed engagement sessions in the summer when it’s rained every day. I remember listening to a comedy show where British weather was described as just not having an attention span to be anything for particularly long. (Obviously, it was said in a much funnier way than I’ve written it). However, ignoring my clear lack of being able to rephrase a joke particularly well, there’s an element of truth in it. It rarely rains solidly for an entire day in Scotland. And that’s the advice I give to couples – be prepared for changes and take advantage of them when they come along.

The other thing to remember, is in the event of changeable weather, be prepared. That’s exactly what Jen and Stuart did for their engagement session. They came with a gorgeous yellow trimmed bird cage style umbrella.

We met up and photographed their session around Kelvingrove in Glasgow. I love this part of the city, for it’s lush greenery and the ability to take in some lovely skylines across the city.

Engagement sessions can be pretty much anywhere, I think. You can have somewhere with lots of urban buildings, or opt for a remote escape in the wilderness. It’s whether you prefer busy streets or quiet parks like this. What matters is feeling comfortable. I want couples to chill out, relax, and just not to feel under the spotlight. A good location allows people to unwind, and I think that’s the key behind photographs like these of Stuart and Jen.

couple kissing in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgowcouple embracing in Kelvingrove Park couple sitting on staircasecouple standing under yellow umbrellacouple kissing under yellow umbrellacouple embracing on bandstand in Kelvingrovecouple standing on staircase at bandstand in Kelvingrovecouple reflected in puddlecouple embracing in Kelvingrove Park couple embracing in Kelvingrove Park couple embracing in Kelvingrove Park couple walking through Kelvingrove couple walking through Kelvingrove


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