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Romantic Evening Couple Photo Session – Hannah and Jamie

During the summer, I don’t usually have a lot of time at weekends for lovely couple photo sessions like this, as I’m normally working at weddings. However a lovely long summer evening after work is the perfect time for couple photo sessions. The light is soft and warm, there are usually fewer people around. The sessions take around an hour or so, and it’s a lovely way to unwind after a working day with a walk and a evening couple photo session.

Hannah and Jamie and I met up at Pollok Park one evening in the summer. I loved the light. It was so soft and low, it’s truly the most flattering light. Often at weddings I’m always on the lookout for light like this in the evening because it’s often the best time for couple portraits and it’s usually when I produce my most beautiful photographs. I think that it makes sense therefore, to incorporate it into engagement sessions wherever possible. Bright, strong, midday sun often leads to squinting, harsh shadows and it’s not as flattering. Evening light is gorgeous and warm and it’s what I crave from a good photo session.

I loved this shoot with Jamie and Hannah. They giggle so much together, they have this beautiful warm connection that just mirrored the warmth of the evening summer light. I also adored the mixture of wild with carefully formed lines and shapes. I adore the bridge in particular, with it’s leading lines and cobbles. Sometimes it’s the simplest settings that help create the most romantic and striking photographs.

I also adore how much Hannah and Jamie complement one another perfectly in these photographs with their style. They were constantly catching one another’s eye and making each other laugh and smile. So naturally, I chose at times, a longer focal length, took a step back and let them have some space. It’s that unobtrusive approach that I enjoy because it gives me the chance to watch people just relax and settle into themselves a little more, and connect with each other.

couple standing on bridgeHannah and Jamie on a bridgeHannah and Jamie walking through Pollok ParkHannah and Jamie standing in front of a hedgecouple embracing in the eveningcouple holding hands in Pollok Parkcouple embracing in evening lightcouple laughing in Pollok Parkcouple kissingcouple standing in front of Pollok Housecouple standing in evening lightsilhouette of couple kissing couple standing under ivy door wayman looking at his fianceecouple standing by river bank in Pollok Park


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