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Beast from the East – A Snowy Glasgow Elopement

In the midst of a lovely warm summer, it’s difficult sometimes to reflect on how cold Scotland became at the beginning of March, when the Beast from the East resulted in red alerts, milk and bread shortages, the country coming to a standstill and Facebook feeds full of people measuring the snow in their garden with unusual methods for meteorological measurements (mine, incidentally, was the cat flap to the back and the lavender bush to the front). It was during this wintry weather I made my way to Glasgow for Katie and Jason’s rather snowy elopement at the registry offices on Montrose Street.

The snow really did stop everything, and it seemed that it would also affect Katie and Jason’s elopement too, as their mums, who were planning to be their witnesses, were looking unlikely to arrive in Glasgow on time. So it was down to me, and their chauffeur as the standby witnesses.

However, there’s something you should know about their mums. A wintry storm wasn’t going to stop them traveling  from Nottingham to Scotland. While the trains were off, and other forms of transport were out of action, these two intrepid mums found a way to Glasgow for this elopement – by taxi.

So we arrived at Montrose Street registry office in Glasgow, where I met the lovely mums and Jason and Katie for this special and romantic elopement.

Afterwards, we headed outside for some photographs around the city centre, and on to One Devonshire Gardens where Katie, Jason and their mums were planning a lovely dinner. I’m a big fan of One Devonshire Gardens, and it’s such a snug place particularly on a cold day.

What I loved a lot about Katie and Jason though was that despite the snow, Katie had brought with her a change of footwear, which meant we could traipse around the city centre, visiting murals and capture the gorgeous Glaswegian architecture as a backdrop. I also loved how the snow worked on the day – snow, as I’ve said before, has a beautiful ability to lift the light in a way you simply don’t get otherwise, and it has a lovely soft reflective quality that I think is incredible.

Of course, I can’t end this post without commenting on Katie and Jason’s amazing suppliers. I was thrilled to learn that Fiona Parks was the very talented make up and hair stylist for Katie on the day. She’s also incredibly lovely, to the extent that when I heard her name I couldn’t help but smile and be happy that she was involved in this special day as well. Lisa from Floral Menagerie was the genius behind that bouquet, the buttonholes and the gorgeous flower crown that worked so wonderfully with Fiona’s hair styling. Again, Lisa is another supplier I’ve worked with before, and who’s work I adore. I love how the bouquets are such an explosion of texture, of shape, of colour, of scents and such a sensory pleasure. And then there’s the dress. A gorgeous crocheted dress with a lovely plunging neckline from Unbridaled Boutique in Ayr. I think this is my first time photographing one of their dresses, and I have to say I was blown away by how gorgeous it was!

I had an amazing time with this gorgeous pair, and I hope you enjoy these photographs.

Dress: Unbridaled Boutique
Make up and hair Stylist: Fiona Park MUA
Flowers: Floral Menagerie
Venue: One Devonshire Gardens

Elopement at Montrose St Registry Office in GlasgowElopement at Montrose St Registry Office in GlasgowElopement at Montrose St Registry Office in GlasgowElopement at Montrose St Registry Office in Glasgowconfetti at montrose Street Glasgow elopementcouple kissing in Glasgow elopement couple embracing in Glasgow after elopementgrooms buttonhole from Glasgow elopement bride's face and flower crown from Glasgow elopement wedding bouquet from Glasgow elopement couple standing in the snow from Glasgow elopement couple standing next to mural from Glasgow elopement couple holding hands next to mural from Glasgow elopement groom from Glasgow elopement couple portait from Glasgow elopement black and white couple portrait from Glasgow elopement couple standing outside Ramshorn theatre from Glasgow elopement couple embracing on Ingram Street from Glasgow elopement


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