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Style Ideas for Your Couple Photo Session

Whether you’ve booked an engagement session for your wedding, or you’ve booked a You and Me couple photo session, choosing what to wear can be a tricky business.

However to help you relax and love your photographs a little bit more, here are my main tips:

  • Wear something that makes you feel good.
  • Dress as if you’re going on a date together.
  • Wear something that feels comfortable and suits the location.

Most people behave differently when they feel like they look their best. They stand a bit taller, they relax a bit more, and they definitely smile a lot more. When your other half is looking hot, you’ll find it harder to resist flirting with them too!

Prints – polka dots, stripes, animal prints can look great. I usually suggest people stay away from logos or brand designs whenever possible as they tend to date photographs really quickly.

So here are some of my favourite photographs from recent couple sessions, and a few thoughts about why they just seem to work!

Tweed and Wool

couple kissing at Dukes Pass near AberfoyleTweed and wool jackets look incredible in rural Scottish landscape settings! Natural fibres always fit in well during autumnal photo sessions and really complement the tones and textures of a wild location.

Bright Pop of Colour

I loved this bride-to-be’s bright coloured scarf during their summer photo session in a Glasgow park. If you opt for dark colours, then a pop of a bold and bright colour can really draw attention to you in the photograph.

Crisp Style

Dress like you’re going on a hot date with your other half. What I love about this couple’s outfit combination, is the contrast between light and dark, it has a real yin and yang vibe. Crisp shirts are always a winner and even better when they look relaxed – particularly with a collar unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up in this countryside setting.

Tailored Fun

I loved this couple’s tailored look during their engagement session. A blazer and a fun yellow dress; a waistcoat and tie with a contrasting shirt. This couple had a brilliant and very fun sense of style that really reflected their playful personalities.

Wrapped Up

My best piece of advice is to dress for the occasion. Sometimes this means dressing for the weather! There’s a saying in Norway – there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices. Wrap up snug with a cosy padded jacket, gloves, thick boots and a hat to keep you warm in winter. If it’s pouring with rain and you’ve got sandals on, you’ll look as uncomfortable as you feel. So make yourself comfortable and dress for the elements and the location.

Cosmopolitan Chic

This cool couple had their engagement session in an Edinburgh building. I loved the combination of matching leather jackets in this old Victorian building in Edinburgh. It was really striking against the architecture and style and against the stark white backdrop and had an air of rebellion.


There are no right or wrong rules when it comes to planning what you want to wear to your photo session. But how you feel on the inside is important – so if you’ve got something that makes you feel good then consider wearing it to your shoot. Some couples come to photo sessions with a change of clothes or props and often find they don’t need them or have time for them. Find something that makes you feel good on the inside, and you’re onto a winner.


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