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Struve is my middle name and my mother's maiden name - she originates from Norway. It's about family, about connection, about my Nordic heritage (even though I can't ski, something I feel I ought to be able to do instinctively). And yes it sounds like a piece of Scandinavian flatpack furniture. 

It's the name of something that has been a part of me all my life, something that I love deeply, and tangled in all that is a connection to something I want to pass on to the people I photograph. 



Hello I'm Kristin, a relaxed and natural photographer in the quiet village of Lenzie, a stones throw away from Glasgow, but I work all over Scotland. 

I live in a cosy little house with a gorgeous view of the Campsie hills with my husband, a cartwheeling 9 year old, a happy babbling little toddler, and our two cat-flap-challenged cats. 

I'm a bit of a stationery magpie and a sucker for a new notebook. Washi tape, rose gold pens, and a stash of rainbow sticky notes? I love it. 

At the end of a long day I love unwinding on the sofa with my husband to binge watch an awesome series (currently loving The Good Place and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - although always open to suggestions). When I'm not taking photographs, I spend time with my family and nothing makes me happier than a woodland walk at one of our favourite spots or exploring a new place together. 



Being a photographer is a brilliant thing to do for a living - I love meeting lots of new people and have a great time while working and taking incredible photographs. I'm friendly and chatty, I want you to go home feeling like you've spent time with a new friend who just happens to have a camera. 

My photography style is vibrant and natural, I love producing photographs that are intimate and heartfelt, all those beautiful fleeting spontaneous moments that mean the most but often forgotten about. 

I love finding what makes my couples tick, and I love encouraging them to spend time having fun and connecting with one another. I love it most when my couples relax and focus on each other instead of the camera. Forget awkward hipster poses - this is all about finding your natural dynamic, what makes you feel comfortable with one another and what you love most about being together. 

Sound like the sort of photographer you're after? then I'd love to hear from you! 

Shade and Liam


A massive heartfelt thank you to you for the wonderful work you have done and for being so brilliant on the day. I've just had a look through the pics and they've got me in tears. You've captured the day so beautifully - thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't stop looking them! 

Thanks so much again Kristin, we couldn't have wished for more perfect pictures of our day.

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